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Website Builds
Screenshot (84)_edited.jpg

A Clothing Brand with a modern website.  Click here to see more.

Screenshot (86)_edited.jpg

A website for a gym.  Click here to see more.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 2.46.54 PM.png

Bird Toy Creations is a simple eCommerce website designed to promote and sell products for a business. Complete with SEO. Check it out here.

fuego games.PNG

Fuego Games is a first-in-class collaborative game library.  This site is the companion site to the iOS app.  This site features advanced searching and sorting algorithms as well as custom database design work.  This is a JTH-owned and run project. View site here.

Screenshot (87)_edited.jpg

A bakery website which incorporates a Jack's Tech Help Logo.  Click here to view it!

Voice it Apparel.PNG

This is Voice It Apparel, an eCommerce site which sells motivational clothing.  This site combined two different product lines – GUDAH (Get up daily and hustle) as well as Voice It Apparel.


A beautiful eCommerce website for selling hair products. This site was built in under a week! 


A beautiful eCommerce website for selling hair products. This site was built in under a week! 

LCYC Booking.png

A simple site with some complex functionalities. This site allows people to sign up for sailing lessons based on a schedule that is set by the program director and the indivigual schedules (synced from Google Calender) of the instructors. When booking, clients can see the availability of specific instructors and book them for certain days. Each instructor has their own back-end where they can manage their availability and lessons!

David Sokol Site screenshot.png

A small lower priced site with no monthly hosting costs. Perfect for hobbyists who want a place to display their work for family and friends.

Fur Baby Lux.PNG

Fur Baby Lux is an eCommerce site that sells a myriad of different pet products.

Fireside Retreats.PNG

Fireside Retreats is a rental property management company which rents about a dozen small cabins in Mountain View, Arkansas.  

jacks tech help screenshot.png

The website you're currently viewing was designed and built by Jack's Tech Help. This is a great example of a professional mid-range site. It has many functionalities such as a price calculator, A pop up promotion, SEO, and Google Analytics.

Home Designs LLC screenshot.png

A professional website for an Interior designer that has its own domain and SEO work. This site is a great example of a mid-range site with business functionality.


The old, outdated Google site

The new site migrated to WIX from Google Sites. View here.

Website Re-Design and Migration
from Google Sites
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 from Square Space
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Data by design.png




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