Creating A Formula Page

Today I had my first site maintenance problem. My price quote calculator went down. The calculator relied on a third party app (luminfish calculator). Not wanting clients to see my site as broken or flawed I immediately began working on a fix. What I ended up doing was writing a Corvid (javascript with custom WIX APIs) code to calculate the values I needed. For those of you interested in the Corvid code for a calculator, I'll include it below. This experience taught me to avoid relying on third party apps whenever possible

import wixData from 'wix-data'; $w.onReady(function () {//function which runs while page lods to give initial input //TODO: write your page related code here... $w("#text19").text = ("$ " + Number(calculateCost(($w("#input1").value), ($w("#input2").value), ($w("#input3").value), $w("#checkbox1").checked))); }); function calculateCost(pages, major, minor, SEO) { var S; if (SEO === true) { //sets S value to make math work for SEO S = 10; } else { S = 0; } var totalCost = (pages * 75) + (S * pages) + (major * 150) + (minor * 25); return totalCost } export function Pages(event) { //on input function for pages $w("#text19").text = ("$ " + Number(calculateCost(($w("#input1").value), ($w("#input2").value), ($w("#input3").value), $w("#checkbox1").checked))); } export function majInput(event) { //on input function for major features $w("#text19").text = ("$ " + Number(calculateCost(($w("#input1").value), ($w("#input2").value), ($w("#input3").value), $w("#checkbox1").checked))); } export function MinInput(event) { //on input function for minor features $w("#text19").text = ("$ " + Number(calculateCost(($w("#input1").value), ($w("#input2").value), ($w("#input3").value), $w("#checkbox1").checked))); } export function SEO(event) { //on change function for SEO checkbox $w("#text19").text = ("$ " + Number(calculateCost(($w("#input1").value), ($w("#input2").value), ($w("#input3").value), $w("#checkbox1").checked))); }

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