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Jack's Tech Help Update

Hi all!

I wanted to give a brief update of what Jack's Tech Help is looking like starting 2022.

Looking short term: Jack's Tech Help's JTH maintenance plans have taken off and are accounting for nearly all of the Jack's Tech Help work that occurs during the school year.

Over the Summer, Jack's Tech Help took on over 10 new clients, including numerous requiring custom features using Corvid (WIX's custom java script coding library).

Going into the coming year, Jack's Tech Help will continue to service it's JTH maintenance plan members. Jack's Tech Help is unlikely to keep taking on new webdesign clients in lieu of gaining software engineering experience.

Long term:

Jack's Tech Help will likely consist of smaller passion projects Jack and co. work on. Fuego Games is an excellent example of work such as this. It is an iOS app developed by classmate and developer Diego Virtue. Fuego developers Jack and Diego have agreed to pause development on Fuego Games indefinitely.

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