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Site Maintenance Options

The sites JTH builds need no maintenance to continue displaying the content I build them with. To learn more about adding or updating content read the options below.

Included With Your Site!

Your choice of one of the following:

Self Maintenance Guide. This includes:

  • Customized Videos (of my screen with me talking) showing you how to perform basic updates to your content

  • Detailed Instructions to accompany the videos

One half-hour free site update. This can typically accomplish:

  • Adding or changing photos​

  • Adding or changing basic site content

  • Changing your Domain

  • Updating your SEO

On Demand maitnance. $60/hour

This can be used to do the following:

  • Update Site Content

  • Add New site content

  • Add or delete pages from your site

  • Add new features to  your site

  • Connect or change a Domain

  • Update or add SEO content

  • Create ad campaigns

  • Connect google analytics

Web Master Retainer

A webmaster on retainer agreement is based on a case by case basis. These get you a lower hourly rate and are good for the following:

  • Managing inventory listings

  • Maintaining your blog

  • Other projects that require constantly changing content

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